Featured Bike Trailers

Bike trailers are generally the motor less wheeled frame which comes with a hitch system for the purpose of transporting various things from one place to another. This is one of the best method by which one can transport things in good quantity here or there. These bicycle trailers can be categorized keeping in mind the number of wheels for instance the single or the double wheels and cargo or the electric kinds. The cargo ones are further divided into general, children, kayak, pets and the disabled passenger models.

A bicycle trailer is made up of a frame, axle, wheel, hitch and a mud guard. The frame is basically made up of steel or aluminum alloy tubing that has been assembled by welding or brazing them or using nuts and bolts. Nowadays one can rarely come across the wooden, makeshift and home built models that have been stuck using glue, screws and nails or with a combination of all. The axle is present in each wheel and the separate axles generally mount on the frame directly wherein threaded nuts or a quick release mechanism is used.

The Farm Bike trailers are commonly used in farms to carry loads and move them from one place to another. They are specifically used for carrying heavy loads and also various equipments. These have a tipping deck that is used to load the bicycle and are totally galvanized. This fitting is optional and comes in the collapsible form so that when not in use it can be tucked inside well and stored. These are usually available with totally sealed hubs and taper cone bearings which are of high quality solely for the purpose of withstanding the swampy farms.

The child bike trailers are well known models which are in great demand as they help parents to take their kids along and enjoy the nature whenever they are free. These are designed keeping in mind the safety of the child and the weight to be carried in them is restricted up to 125 pounds. They are mostly low grounded in comparison to the other bicycles so that the child does not get hurt in case he falls. The hitch feature helps in keeping them upright even when the bicycle falls down or there is an accident.

The best bike trailers available in the market comprise of those which have great safety features and are suitable for rides with children. Some of the leading models include those of Chariot Carriers as they come with outstanding features and the seat and the suspension feature coming with it can be adjusted. At the same the bike trailer for kids have been reviewed as the best ones.